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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Gorgeous Christina Lake

What a great week!! We just spent the last week in the most beautiful, picturesque, hot... wonderful place - Christina Lake, BC. We had had it recommended it to us from some friends and neither of us had ever been there. Being the adventurous folks (ha ha) we are we decided this year to step out of our comfort zone and go somewhere different... new. We had such a great time... it was so beautiful... the lake is stunning surrounded by the mountains and it is still if you can believe it loke 25 degrees. I am totally serious... the water in this lake is as warm as bath water in places!!! We rented a boat and spent the afternoon riding a tube and knee boarding. Max, Cooper and Brod really had a fun time using the knee board and Ivy and Tanner sure loved the tube but most of all everytime we stopped the boat everyone jumped off into the water. It was like 40 that day and the water was so refreshing and both Ivy and Tanner found a love for their life jackets!! We hiked, ate ice cream, lazed on the beach, dozed in the Air conditioning of our trailer and ended each day at the pool at our campground!! Such a great holiday

I'm telling ya... we had a great time!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tri-Smore 2014

For the last 4 years I have volunteered for the Triathlon with the main reason being that then my kids could participate and each year they amaze me! This year Max did the full distance with 2 of his buddies The Musketeers!! Cooper did the half distance all on his own this year. Brody did the quarter and came in 23 in the swim and 6th in the run... so we know what he could use a little practice in!! This was Ivy's second year and while she refused to do the swim and wanted to not do the Triathlon anymore for the entire race she finished. This was Tanner's first year and he was so excited that by 7am he was dressed and ready to race. He also yelled 'Bo-ya - I am beating you' as he passed each person on his bike all the while ringing the new bike bell he won as a door prize. It was such a cold, dreary but totally awesome day and I am so proud of my kids!!

What a great day!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

One RAD weekend!

For quite a while I have wanted to do the 'Color me Rad' run... it just looked like so much fun... and it was!! I saw the ad on Facebook and asked my 2 big boys if they wanted to do it with me... they were up for it... you might say they were even a little excited. So this last Saturday we got everyone up for our very early start time and headed in for a bit of the unknown in regards to what to expect... it was so fun!!! I loved being able to do this with Max and Cooper... they were great running buddies..
 We loaded up our iPods... picked our least favorite white shirts and hit the route!

What a fun Saturday morning!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time sure flies

Well another school year come and gone for Max. All done with Grade 8!! It has been a fun year for Max. He has really stepped out of his shell andndeveloped some really good frienships, worked hard in school and improved his grades and he has worked hard on the basketball court. He has started to show alot of his personality outside of our home... finally people are getting to know how wonderful, funny, witty and smart he is. He is such a charater and is always quick with a comeback. We having a lot of fun watching him figure things out and watching him become who he will be. I just think the world of him!!

If you can even believe it our little miss has graduated from kindergarten!! What a fun year we have had! She has been full of all the new things and ideas she has learned and I especially enjoyed when a little friend Of hers told her the muffins I had been packing were not healthy!! So we have had a number of talks figuring out what she was hearing and what she need to remember!! Watching her discover all that kindergarten had to offer was pretty cool. She had a wonderdul teacher, Mrs. Kennedy, she really loved those little kids!!

Tanner finished preschool in late May at Hope... we sure love the women who teach there! He had a great year and his speech is improving so much. He had lots of fun going to school like the big kids and was really sad when it was over!

Now Cooper and Brody have 2 days left... they kind of hate that!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

♥♥Happy Father's Day♥♥
We had a traditional Father's day this year. Cinnamon buns for breakfast and Shepard's pie burgers for dinner! It was a busy day with Church stuff but I think Cory felt loved!

Run Club and Rugby...

Max has been playing Rugin the y for the first time this year and I think after starting out a bit sheepish he ended up really enjoying it. He got very brave and started taking down the big fellas without much hesitation.

Cooper and Brody ran in the Brentwood Fun Run and Brody totally did fantastic. He ran his 4k in 20:45 totally schoolingnhis bigger bro, Cooper came in at 23:40 though he was running along side his buddy and they were laughing across the finish line. Very proud of both boys!! Big smiles from a Momma who came into her love of running much later in life!!

Triathlon is next week so more fun to come!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A promise is a promise.

Last night for family home evening we talked about Family History and as a part of the lesson we looked back at this blog and reminised about what memories the pictures brought back and I felt awful at how much I have missed over the last few years. I have let this 'family history' lose its importance and my kids were so excited to look back and wondered why it seems to have ended
 So I made a promise and now I am going to try to keep it!! Today was Track and Field day at Cooper and Brody's school...they did really well and if there is anywhere I can brag about my kids it is here so I am one proud mama. I was able to go and watch a few of the events and they did great. Cooper set a new school record in the 100m dash at 14.7 seconds!! He also got first in high jump and second in long jump!! I watched the high jump and when it was down to just him they ket him go until he go out and they raised it 3 times for just him!! Brody got second in high jump and third in 1000m, 500m and long jump! And to top it all off Max came in after school and told me he was getting honors at the Junior High!! (they don't tell you what for until the evening but we are so excited for him)